Lacewings and Allies in Bedfordshire

This is a new page to hold information on recording lacewings and their allies in the county of Bedfordshire, vc30.

The county recorder as from May 2014 is Melissa Banthorpe. Previous county recorders were Bernard Verdcourt  (1946 to 1949 & 1978 to 2003) and Jason Chapman (late 2006 to May 2014)

The groups covered are:-
Scorpion Flies (Mecoptera)
Snake Flies (Raphidioptera)
Alder Flies (Megaloptera)
True Lacewings (Neuroptera)

Identification of these groups is not too hard as long as care is taken and the correct key is used though some species do require dissection. This is the AIDGAP publication "A key to the adults of British Lacewings and their allies" by Colin Plant published by Field Studies Council in 1997. Note that there are some amendments published to this. A new couplet 3 (Key H page 221) has been added and the old couplet 3 amended to couplet 3a following the addition of Peyerimhoffina gracilis to the UK list (Ent Rec Vol113 2001, pages 131-135). Couplets 15 to 17 (Key H page 227) have been changed and couplets 17a, 17b & 17c added following the addition of Nineta pallida to the UK list (Ent Rev Vol123 2014, pages 97-108). The couplets separating the species that make up the aggregate group Chrysoperla carnea sensu lato (couplets 22, 23 & 24 Key H page 230/231) are not to be relied upon as we now have three species. Details of how to separate these three are awaited. Please record this group as Chrysoperla carnea agg.

It is intended to put up to date checklists here as below. These specify which species require checking by the county recorder and which require determination either by checking the genitalia externally or by dissection. If you are recording lacewings and allies in Bedfordshire, please see the current checklist (Version 3, Nov 2016). You can either the recorder or download from here:-

Excel version
PDF version

Melissa Banthorpe
November 2016